#BeHealth is an initiative of Health Endeavour to give more visibility to how… View Article

#BeHealth is an initiative of Health Endeavour to give more visibility to how Digital Health technologies are used in Belgium to improve healthcare. The aim of #BeHealth is to provide more visibility for all the Digital Health innovations that are happening in Belgium but that not always get the deserved attention.

#BeHealth is about building a community, creating visibility and improving Digital Health literacy.

The types of initiatives #Behealth put into the spotlight are:

  • Young companies and healthcare entrepreneurs using technology to improve healthcare.
  • Healthcare professionals using Digital Health for better healthcare delivery.
  • Healthcare organisations utilizing Digital Health for better patient outcomes.
  • Patients using Digital Health tools for better health and care.
  • Academics doing research on Digital Health.

Their main social media platform is Twitter where #Behealth follow more than 2500 Twitter users active in the Belgian healthcare sector. In order to boost interaction in the #BeHealth community #BeHealth as well provide insights in how these people and organisations use Twitter. Examples of this are our top 50 of Belgian influencers in healthcare, our list of most popular hashtags and our insights on the activity of Belgian hospitals on social media. Source BeHealth